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Olubunmi Olufunke Osuntuyi

Olubunmi Olufunke Osuntuyi Secretary General and Head, International Chamber of Commerce, ICC Nigeria since 2008 spoke with Frances Enakhitare about the values of the body to business in Nigeria.

The International Chamber of Commerce, ICC, a world business organization represents enterprises from all sectors in every part of the world. Founded 1917 in Paris, ICC has member companies and associations in not less than 120 countries. Nigeria joined 30 years ago to be in the mainstream of the global market so ICC members can tap into international business opportunities by running their businesses on international best practices.

Success story
Since ICC Nigeria was reorganized in 1999, it has been able to act as a vocal voice for its more than 100 member companies and business associations by interfacing with governments to address challenges faced by Nigerian businesses. A good example was in 2014 when ICC helped resolve problems with the new Pre Arrival Assessment Report, PAAR by the Nigerian Customs Service.

Global networking platform
ICC Nigeria members network with influential entrepreneurs and senior business executives globally to remove business barriers at the ICC arranged international events. We have the World Chamber Federation’s congress and the bi-annual commission meetings on banking, arbitration, advertising and marketing, customs, trade facilitation, taxation, etc. for members to network.






Disputes resolution
Nigerian arbitrators and mediators working on the platform of ICC have settled many cross border business disputes at high success rates that most of them now get recalled for similar assignments.

Sustainable globalization
ICC gives globalization appeal to Nigerian business community by updating members with the latest trends in international business practices. The local launch of various global business rules like the ICC Rules of Arbitration, ICC Mediation Rules, Incoterms 2010 and Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligations as obtained in various countries of the world to update Nigerians on global business process trends. ICC affiliates also interface with the Nigerian government and its relevant authorities on how best to incorporate the rules so Nigerian businesses can operate with ease at the international scene.

Major role
ICC plays major advocacy roles by helping Nigerian businesses develop trade policy positions that are held at the national and international levels, particularly at the United Nations and G20. In July, 2015, ICC through its group on business action to stop counterfeiting and piracy, partnered with the Standard Organization of Nigeria SON, NAFDAC, Intellectual Property Law Association of Nigeria IPLAN, African Intellectual Property Group, AIPG to launch the publication Promoting and Protecting Intellectual Property in Nigeria. ICC also helps Nigerian businesses safeguard their intellectual property, IP rights.

Nigerian entrepreneurs benefit at both national and international levels by gaining influence through ICC’s network of national committees and groups; they stay connected to a network of the world’s most influential and dynamic companies of all sizes in all sectors, forging high level of business relationships; receiving news of development in policies, laws and regulations at an early stage in order to win time to make the right decisions for business.

Also, because ICC operates majorly on commission and committee basis to address the needs of member companies and associations on sector basis, many Nigerian entrepreneurs gain useful experiences on the commissions and committees as members. ICC Nigeria further equips businesses with tools of international trade by organizing symposiums, workshops, seminars, online trainings, etc to keep Nigerian businesses abreast of global trends.

The board members of ICC Nigeria includes, Mr. Savage Bababtunde, Chairman ICCN; Dr. O.  Osunkeye,  OFR, OON, Chairman Emeritus; Prof. G.A Olawoyin,  SAN,  Member ICCN; Mrs. Dorothy UFot, SAN, Honorary Treasurer, among others.






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